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National budget draft approved by Parliament

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2015)

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Wolesi Jirga- the Lower House of the Parliament on Wednesday approved the draft national budget for the next fiscal year.

Earlier the budget for the next fiscal year was estimated around 458.8bn AFN, which included 275bn AFN for the ordinary budget and 183bn for the development budget.

But the previous draft budget were said to consider by majority of representatives in Parliament unbalanced where the allocation funds were unfair and unjustified.

The delayed budget draft resulted in the abeyance of a number of development projects due to lack of funds.

The current budget for the next fiscal year is 436.17 billion AFN, which includes 283.48 billion AFN for the ordinary budget and 152.68 billion AFN for development budget.

On Wednesday session at parliament, expenses of the Chief Executive (CEO) office along with the expenses for the presidential adviser office on economic affairs also confirmed.

In the meantime, Wolesi Jirga rejected President Ghani’s decree on giving some points and bonuses to ministers and senior officials.

In the past years, most of the development budgets have not spent. Time will show that the 152 billion AFs of development budget will spend or it will again remain to the government’s treasury at the end of the year.



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