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‘Nation Is Not In Custody of Gov’t’: Herasat & Subat Council

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2017)

SAWR 27__04__2017__SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.32_[2017.04.27_18.52.27]The Herasat and Subat Council in commemoration of the 8th Sawr says President confused with republic and monarchy system and warned that the Afghan nation is not in custody of the government.

Spokesman of Herasat council, Masoud Trashtwall said, “President thinks the republic government is like a monarchy government. President should stop king actions. The imperial life is too short.”

A number of Mujahidin leaders calls their marginalization the result of their fellows selfishness.

leader of Iqtedar Mili party, Sayeed Ali Kazemi said, ” Selfishness and unimaginative of Mujahidin caused they cannot form a government by themselves.”

One of Mujahidin, Qutboddin Mashhad said, “Mujahidin leaders even do not have sodality among themselves.”

Mujahidin government formed after the defeat of Communist regime in 1371 and after four years governance the regime collapsed to Taliban group.

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