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Nation Express Unsatisfactory on Government Performances

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2015)


A number of Mps have stated that Nation have expressed their unsatisfactory on poor performances of the Afghanistan’s Government, demanding the Government to fulfill its commitments against Nation.

Members of the parliament have remembered the 8th anniversary of losing the 6 Mps in Baghlan suicide bombing.

Head of the lower house Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said,” the ongoing situation of Afghanistan has created distances in between the Government and Nation and its increasing day by day.”

However head of the upper house Fazel Hadi Muslimyar said,”it’s the Government responsibility to perform it for its Nation,stating that Government should ensure security, for the elites in order to save the life of those.”

Meanwhile law makers have also accused Government for not pursuing the killing cases of those Mps whom were killed 8 years ago.

Mp Qudratullah Zaki said,” in past 14 years none of the cases were followed and investigated,we have asked it several times to execute the perpetrators of the case but yet to see them trailed.”

Government didn’t execute any criminals, they have become more powerful, most of the perpetrators of the Mps massacre is working within the Government Rahila Saleem urged.

Lower house speaker demanded the Government to disclose the names of those whom were involved in killing of 6 Mps in Baghlan.

Reported by AbdulAziz Karimi

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