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Narcotic Production Converts to National Disaster in Afghanistan: Rula Ghani

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2015)


The First lady in Afghanistan Rula Ghani has said,” Narcotic drugs in Afghanistan has converted into a National disaster which needs a National mobilization to push efforts for its eradication.”

She has insisted on media roles for spreading the words and raises the public awareness against such a destruction phenomenon.

Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan head Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar criticized the Government saying when media disclose the involvement of the Governmental officials in drugs cases the Government has not only admire us but also the media is threatened to death by the Governmental officials.

The Afghanistan first lady Rula Ghani in media coordination session to support public outreach on counter Narcotic drugs ,saying violence against Women and raping cases of children are the main factors of Narcotic drugs widely beings used in the country.

Ms. Ghani said,” Production and trafficking of Narcotic drugs in Afghanistan has changed into a National disaster which it does need National mobilization to tackle this issue.”

Meanwhile Minister of counter Narcotic Salamat Azimi said,” we can’t do nothing without the media cooperation in National level.”

Head of the Nai supporting open media in Afghanistan Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar said,” Afghan Military responsible are directly involved in trafficking of Narcotic drugs, reports within media confirmed their involvements on drug trafficking, most of those media who disclosed their involvement were threatened to death by them.”

However Officials in Ministry of Haji , religious affairs and Education to tackle this issue through their curriculum lesson materials to combat Narcotic drugs as seriously.

Based on the statistics of counter Narcotic drugs more than 3 million Afghans are addicted in different Narcotic drugs

The following efforts come after that Afghanistan has been succeeded to the first producer of Narcotic drugs in past several years.

Reported By Abdul Aziz Karimi


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