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Nakamura Died Trying to Manage Afghanistan Water Flow: MP’s

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2019)

Lawmakers in the Wolesi Jirga, Afghanistan’s Parliament, said that Dr. Testo Nakamura who was assassinated in Nangarhar Province was “A victim of controlling Afghanistan water flow.”

The lawmakers stressed that his assassination was a political act and that the Afghan government failed to save his life.

“Nakamura left his own country to come and serve for us, but we failed to protect him. This is a big shame for us and his murder case should be seriously investigated,” said Anisa Omrani, a member of the Afghan parliament.

“Nakamura’s services will never be forgotten. His murder was a political assassination and he was a victim of Kunar River,” lawmaker Hazrat Ali said.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Lower House  called for the prosecution and punishment of Dr. Nakamura assassins.

“The assassination of Nakumra and five of his colleagues is an unforgivable act and we offer our condolences to people and government of Japan,” House Speaker Mir Rahman Ramani said.

Members of the House of Representatives also paid tribute to the services Dr. Nakamura provided in Afghanistan.

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