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Najeebullah Ahmadzai Appointed as IEC Chairman

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2016)

1The Newly elected commission members have appointed Najeebullah Ahmadzai as the Independent Election Commission chairman during an internal selection process on Sunday.

The second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish demanded the commissioners to get ready to hold the parliamentary Election, and present an accomplished draft plan and list of the polling stations to the cabinet of Afghanistan.

In the internal Election Najeebullah Ahmadzai was selected as chairman of the IEC, Abdul Qadir Quraishi as deputy, Maliha Hassan as the technical deputy, Abdul Badi Sayaid as secretary and spokesman of the Independent Election Commission IEC.

At the main time Abdulaziz Ariayee was selected as the chairman of the Independent Election complains commission, Humaira Aqmal as the deputy, and Ali Reza Rohani as the secretary and spokesperson of the IECC.

“We should not lose the existed opportunity, immediate actions should be taken to get ready for holding of the parliamentary Election, and Government is responsible to provide political and financial supports.” Second vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish said.

Both commissions are tasked to hold internal selection, reformation of plans and policy, announcing of the Election calendar, presenting of the polling station lists in coming 3 months.

Further the second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish declared holding of parliamentary Election will pave the way for ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

He declared the position of the Independent Election complains commission beyond the Independent Election commission and Supreme Court superior, asking the commissions to respect impartiality and carry out the tasks.

Second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish said, “The position of the Independent Election complains commission is more important comparing to Independent Election commission, IECC is playing Court role on Elections in the country.”

Meanwhile new commissioners in both commissions called themselves committed against people to do the assignments.

The technical Deputy of Independent Election commission Maliha Hassan said, “We need to rebuild the trusts between the commission and people, though will face severe problems ahead.”

“We demand the International community to provide financial and technical supports, otherwise holding of the upcoming parliamentary Election will be hard.” Member of the Independent Election complains commissions Humaira Haqmal said.

Second vice president asked both secretary offices of the commissions to step up together with close cooperation of the members in Election commissions, safeguarding of the Election commissions is key Government task.

Reported by: Fawad Nasiri

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