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NAI Rejects Claims Made By President Ghani

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2019)

A media advocate organization on Tuesday rejected the claims of President Ashraf Ghani against this organization, saying the President has received incorrect information.

On Monday, President Ghani who was speaking at an event in Kabul, criticized the agency, saying the NAI agency has released a report that shows no action has been taken on case of violence against journalists.

Ghani called on the Attorney General and the Ministry of Information and Culture to speak with the officials of the agency and clarify the issue.

However, Mujib Khelwatgar, the Chief Executive of NAI, an organization providing advocacy and support to media industry in Afghanistan, told Ariana News that the statement made by President Ghani can be a pressure on media and Freedom of Speech.

“The allegations made by President is completely incorrect,” Khelwatgar said.

Sediqullah Tawhidi, a member of Afghan Journalists Safety Committee said, all media organizations are advocating for the Freedom of Speech and Supporting media and has no other agenda.

“It was better if the President made his statements after investigations,” Tawhidi added.

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