NAI Deeply Concerns over Freedom of Speech in Media Outlets

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)

nai__29-12-2016-dari-sot-mpg_snapshot_00-24_2016-12-29_17-56-55Afghanistan Supporting Open Media-NAI has deeply concerned over freedom of expression in media outlets; Saying successive meeting between media leaders with Presidential Palace is an alarming issue.

NAI declared that the Presidential Palace- ARG has made self-censorships in repeated organized meeting with medial leaders.

“Continues meetings hold every day in ARG and these meetings caused that ARG prevents media outlets to not broadcast or release some of the reports,” said Mujib Khelwatgar, CEO of NAI.

According to NAI reports in 2016:

14 journalists killed

23 journalists wounded

3 journalists arrested

43 journalists have been beaten              

40 Journalists threatened and insulted

96 others threatened in group

“Journalists in Afghanistan have not gain their rights so far, despite the existence of law, the organization and some of media outlets do not gave them their rights,” Khelwatgar added.

 63 cases of violence against journalists were said to be by government and 326 by the armed Taliban group.

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