NAI Asks Media, Candidates Avoid Fueling Ethnic Differences

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2014)

NAI, supporting open media in Afghanistan, has called on the Presidential candidates and media outlets to avoid fueling ethnic and linguistic differences during election campaigns.

These statements were expressed Monday in a gathering of a number of journalists and reporters from Kabul and different provinces to discuss the strategy for coverage of electoral issues.

Representatives from different types of media outlets decided not to cover events or stories that would cause to threaten people over voting on the Election Day.

They decided the media outfits must act with neutrality and avoid any activities fueling or causing to fuel ethnic and linguistic differences.

“Neither media nor campaign teams of Presidential candidates will touch ethnic and linguistic issues during the Presidential election campaigns,” said NAI director Siddiqullah Tawhidi.

He called on the electoral bodies and as well as the security agencies to ensure safety of reporters and help them cover election-related issues.

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