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Nabil Stresses on Fair Investigation of Sexual Abuse Charges on ARG

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2019)

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former chief of National Directorate of Security, on Sunday demanded that an exclusive court be formed for investigating the accusations for sexual exploitation and promoting prostitution in the presidential palace (ARG).

The accusations were made by Habibullah Ahmadzai, the former advisor to the President. 

However, he has not submitted any evidence to the Attorney General as he believes that the juridical and justice system are not impartial. 

Following the accusations on ARG, Nabil said that there is no trust in the justice and judicial system. He added that the allegations should be assessed even-handedly. 

“The case hurt the Afghan women and this should be inspected by an exclusive court fairly and the result should be shared with the people of Afghanistan,” said Nabil.  

Meanwhile, some of the lawmakers said that the investigation of the sexual exploitation in the ARG needs to be monitored by different institutions.  

“The case should be cleared in order to be a lesson for the future government of Afghanistan,” said Fukoori Behishti, an MP from Bamiyan province.

“If it happened in any other country, hundreds of thousands of people would come on the streets because the prestige and honor of a country are at risk,” said Ramazan Bashardost, an MP from Kabul city.

However, lawyers describe the formation of an exclusive court for investigation of the sexual abuse allegations in ARG against the law.

 “The Attorney General is the only authority for investigating the accusations. Mr. Ahmadzai should know that Attorney General is the authority for investigating the accusations,” said Wahid Farzaei, a lawyer. 

This comes as the Attorney General has said that it follows and investigates the sexual exploitation allegations in ARG even-handedly even in the closed circle of peoples to the President. 

Despite the repeated calls by our reporter the Attorney General denied providing any information on the challenges and improvements regarding the case. 

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