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Nabil Boycotts Vote Recounting Process

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2019)

Afghan Presidential Candidate Rahmatullah Nabil, on Monday, announced that his electoral team has boycotted the vote recounting process, citing “none of our demands were addressed by the Independent Election Commission (IEC).”

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Nabil added that efforts are underway in the commission to add “fraudulent non-biometric votes” into the system.

“One of IEC commissioners invited other commissioners to his home where ministers of Afghan government showed up -as they put it- ‘intrusively’.”

Moreover, this presidential candidate expressed concerns about the possible creation of a dangerous crisis in the country; a crisis, he believes, foreign agencies are after to create.

“My message to organizations and embassies who wants to interfere in Afghanistan election is that people’s reaction would be very challenging.”

Nabil also warned about the political use of security forces for suppressing electoral protests, saying,” No one should try to involve Afghan forces in political issues.”

“The forces that you have created for defending democracy should not be used for suppressing democracy,” Nabil said in his message to the international community.

It comes a day after, Abdullah Abdullah, Afghan government Chief Executive, and a presidential candidate, announced that his team won’t participate in the vote recount.

Abdullah warned that his electoral campaign will use every legal means to stop the resumption of partial vote recount.

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