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Muslimyar Reacts to Arrest of His Former Adviser

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

Reacting to the arrest of his former adviser, the Senate Speaker Fazel Hadi Muslimyar on Sunday said that the criminal offense is a personal responsibility and the case of his former adviser has no effect on the Upper House of Parliament.

Afghan security forces arrested Haji Dilawar, an adviser to the Senate Speaker, on charges of sheltering and supporting terrorist groups during an operation in Kabul city late on Thursday.

The Interior Ministry said that some fake documents and number plates, illegal weapons, seven hundred thousand Pakistani rupees, an armored vehicle, and Pakistani ID cards were also seized during the operation.

However, Muslimyar stressed that Haji Delawar was working as an advisor to the Senate House some six months ago.

He blamed Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for what he called a plot against himself due to his continued support for the Afghan security forces.

Muslimyar asked senators to form a commission for investigating the issue with the authorized government institutions.

Meanwhile, senators urged that if the allegations of wrongdoings proved against the suspect, he must be punished.

“Crime is a personal responsibility. Forgiveness is not justice, especially of those who commit offenses against the national security and the national interest of the country,” said senator Abdul Wahab Erfan.

“I’m calling on the interior ministry and other security officials to act based on the rules of the law,” said senator Muhiuddin Munsef.

Senate members reiterated that they have always been the supporter of the system and not the individuals, adding that the enemies of the country are trying to create distance between the government and legislatures by making such conspiracies.

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