Mullah Baradar in Moscow: Taliban Wants Peace

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2019)

Afghan politicians led by former President Hamid Karzai and Taliban delegation led by the deputy leader of the group Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar on Tuesday attended a ceremony in Moscow to mark the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Russia.

Speaking at the event, Taliban deputy leader Mullah Baradar said that the group wants peace but the hurdles on the way of peace should be removed.

On behalf of the Afghan government, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Russia Latif Bahand read the message of Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, appreciating the role of Russia in Afghanistan post-2001.

On his turn, Atta Mohammad Noor the Chief Executive of Jamiat-e Islami party called on the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire.

“If the Taliban believe that they will defeat the Americans and conquer Afghanistan, that’s a wrong perception. And it isn’t possible either,” Noor said,” If we are united and together, there will be no need for foreign presence in Afghanistan”.

He stressed that when the Taliban fought the Mujahiddin during their regime, the northern alliance welcomed the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

Addressing to the Taliban delegates, Noor further said: “We love our Afghans, we love our country. Let’s compromise our selfishness and greediness and embrace each other to pave the way for bringing peace to Afghanistan”.

Chairman of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) Karim Khalili, presidential candidate Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq, representative of Vice President Dostum Abdullah Qarluq were the other speakers in the event.

On Wednesday, the Afghan politicians and Taliban delegation will hold an intra-Afghan dialogue to discuss peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

Former President Hamid Karzai, Chairman of HPC Karim Khalili, CE of Jamiat-e-Islami party Atta Mohammad Noor, Deputy CEO Mohammad Mohaqiq, former National Security Advisor to President Ashraf Ghani Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Ambassador Latif Bahand, former Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta, former Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Deputy of Hezb-e Jumbesh Abdullah Qarluq, Hamid Gailani, ex-lawmaker Fawzia Kofi, and some other politicians were among the Afghan delegation.

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