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Mujahidin Will Have a Candidate in Presidential Election: Abdullah

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2018)

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says mujahidin will announce a candidate for the upcoming presidential election.

Abdullah who went to Panjshir province on Saturday to commemorate the 8the Saur anniversary of Mujahidin victory said that he will not allow anyone to sideline mujahidin from the election.

Abdullah said mujahidin will have their own candidate in the election. “I consider the unity of Afghanistan people and the unity of mujahidin as a solution for all the challenges,” he said.  

Referring to people’s reluctant approach toward the voter registration process, Abdullah said that issues in the past are the main reason behind the cause.

“People’s concerns are legitimate because they even couldn’t imagine the issues as they witnessed in the past. Unfortunately, they still don’t have the same assurance as they should have [on the election process],” he said.  

This comes as President Ashraf Ghani said he wants the upcoming presidential election to happen before May 2019.

He called on the jihadi leaders to pave way for having a transparent and fair election in the country that it’s political and security situation has been challenged with the ongoing conflict.

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