Muhammad Khan criticizes President and CEO’s performances

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2015)

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The first deputy of the executive officer, Muhammad Khan criticized the performances of President Ghani and chief of executive officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah; saying the electoral reforms commission should begin to work in the next week.

Engineer Muhammad Khan noted that the issues of cabinet, acting governors and electoral reforms commission must have already ended.

First deputy of CEO also voiced concerns over the sustainability of executive office after October 2015.

“The two leaders must discuss and act on several issues and the electoral reforms commission should begin to work in the next week,” Muhammad Khan said.

According to the political agreement, the parliamentary election and districts council should be held before October 2015.

While less than four year remains for the end of national unity government, but still most of provinces do not have a governor.

However, the CEO, Abdullah Abdullah has said that six to eight new governors will be appointed at the end of the week.

During their electoral campaigns, both Ghani and Abdullah promised Afghan people to bring positive changes in their lives if they elected.

This comes as no changes comes to the people’s lives as the government leaders still failed to end the current tensions.


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