MRRD to Launch Biggest Drinkable Water Project in Nimroz Province

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2017)

CaptureOfficials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) will soon launch biggest drinkable water project in Nimroz province, saying the following project will enable 200000 residents to have access to drinkable water.

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Spokesman Akbar Rustami said, “Through Covenant citizenship program in coming 4 years we will increase the people accessibility from 58 percent up to 76 percent in different provinces of Afghanistan including Nimroz Province to drinkable Water.”

Lack of drinkable water, poor roads, and none standard cities planning are the bold problems of Nimroz, Badghis and Ghor provinces of Afghanistan, amid Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development said 2000 drinkable water projects worth $ 17,5 million will be implemented in the following provinces.

Meanwhile Officials in Ministry of Public Works said efforts are underway to construct new road to connect the areas to each other but insisting that construction of the Zaranj ring road with the cost of 993 million Afghani and also survey process of road from Zaranj to Dilaram airport and then to Zaranj city continues.

Ministry of Public Works Spokesman Mahdi Rohani said, “Despite of construction of the highways we will also evaluate the quantity and quality of the roads.”

Having no standard buildings and construction without plans and schemes are counted as the other problems for the three provinces, but officials in Ministry of Urban Housing will soon implement the city plan in the 3 provinces of the country.

Ministry of Urban Housing Spokeswoman Nilofar Langar said, “We have plan for all cities, survey process launched for the whole cities of the country, it will declare that how many housing should be constructed in which city and in which provinces.”

Nimroz, Badghis and Ghor are the 3 provinces where poor development made and few development projects were implemented in the past 16 years.

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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