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MRRD spends 40% of development budget in 7 months

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2016)

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Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) spent 40 percent of its development budget after seven months.

Minister of Rural and Rehabilitation and Development says the ministry will satisfy the world in the Brussels summit.

One of the pre-conditions of the donor countries to Afghanistan for continuation of assistances is that the Afghan ministries should spend 60 percent of its development budgets.

“We succeed to spend 40 % our development budget ten days ago and we will reach to 60 percent before the Brussels summit,” said Nasir Ahmad Durani, minister of MRRD.

While MRRD is one of the ministries which succeed to spend part of its budget, but the economic analysts emphasized that a law should be approved that based on that each ministry is obliged to spend its budget.

Previously, President Ghani has ordered the cabinet minister to spend 60 percent of their budgets before the Brussels summit, otherwise they will not attract the attention of world for further aids.

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