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MRRD Signs 13 Contracts Worth 760 Million Afghani

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2017)

2Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) have signed 13 contracts on the roads construction, water supplies worth 760 million Afghani with private construction companies on Sunday.

In the contract 37 kilo meter of roads, 234 meter of bridge will be constructed in provinces of Ghor, Parwan, Baghaln, Kunarm Nuristan, Balkh, Paktia and Logar.

Minister of the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Nasir Ahmad Durani has declared insecurity the main barrier insisting that the monitoring program of the Ministry on the implementation of the projects will seriously be launched and supervised.

He said, “Projects will be implemented with conditions required in the contract, for me quality of the projects based on the plan matters and important.”

Execution of the projects will create hundreds of jobs opportunities in short and long term, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development by launching projects created mid and short term jobs opportunities for 65000,0 person and for 22000 others long term jobs in the year of 1395.

Chairman of the Worker National Union Marouf Qadiri said, “It’s required to create such kind of jobs opportunities, this will pave the way for long term and permanent jobs in the country.”

Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development have signed 61 projects costing more than 1 billion Afghan with private construction companies and rural development councils since the fiscal year of 1396.

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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