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MRRD Signs 12 Projects Worth 650 Million AFN

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2017)

CaptureMinister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) signed 12 projects worth 650 million Afghanis on construction of roads and building bridges with the private construction companies in Kabul on Sunday.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Nasir Ahmad Durani insisted to act decisively against none transparency within the projects.

“I will have no patients against none transparency in the projects, will decisively act against it, and insisted he would neither accept anything less than the contract requirements and nor will allow it,” Nasir Ahmad Durani, Minister of MRRD said.

Meanwhile a number of the private construction companies’ representatives and owners complained over the lack of cooperation of the residents in the areas where the projects were implemented.

“Projects will solve a lot of people problems, but the residents aren’t cooperating the projects to be implemented, in most cases they do not pave the way for the projects to be implemented and create barriers.” Owner of the private construction company, Abdul Raqib said.

Hassibullah, owner of another company said, “We promise to handover the projects with high quality of work to the residents, and we demand the people to be diligent in maintaining of the projects.”

Officials in MRRD are intending to construct 705 kilo meters roads and build 1691 meter of bridges, and to maintain and repair more than 4000 kilo meters of roads at the entire country in the coming year through National Rural Access Program (NRAP) .

Reported by: Lida Naizi

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