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MPs Warn to Remove ‘Family Power Structure’ from Government

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

Afghan Parliament Members warned to remove the “family power structure” from government, saying the monopolization of power by limited multi-persons caused the country faces more challenges.

They declared that the situation of the country will not change if the family power structure not remove from the politic affairs of the country.

The family power structure in the government develops networks of co-existing subsystems  formed on the basis of gender, interest, generation or function that must be performed for the family’s survival.

Representative of Badakhshan, Fawzia Koofi said, “today,  Afghan people do not have any role in decision makings. There are only three persons who take all decisions which is very dangerous for the future of the country.”

According to some of current and former Afghan officials, President has been quietly creating an even more dominant presidency, rather than decentralizing the post’s powers, as he had vowed.

They worry that the consolidation of power in the presidency could destroy any hope for building a functioning democratic state.

Chairman of the Lower House of Parliament, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi emphasized that the government is obliged to take its decisions based on the law and seriously consider the needs of the country. “The country is in a difficult situation and government should take decisions based on the law.”

Afghan lawmakers stress on finding new solution according to the demands of people to change the situation of the country.

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