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MPs Warn to Re-dismiss Draft Budget for Next Fiscal Year

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2018)

Members of the Lower House of Parliament on Monday warned that they will reject again the next year’s draft budget for what they called lack of balance in the development projects among the provinces.

“Based on the Constitution, the budget must be distributed equally. There is no balance and justice in the current budget,” said Mohammad Ali Akhlaqi, a lawmaker representing Ghazni province.

“The Ministry of Finance has not considered justice in the budget. Representative of the nomads will reject this budget and we are asking our team in the parliament to reject it as well,” said Habib Afghan, an MP representing Afghan nomads in the parliament.

On December 13, the Lower House rejected the proposed budget for the next fiscal year due to the same reason.

In addition, lawmakers dismissed a decree recently issued by President Ashraf Ghani on the regulation of public gatherings, strikes and demonstrations, saying the order is in contrast with the Constitution and democracy values.

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