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MPs Warn Ghazni Province Might Fall to Insurgents

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2018)

Parliamentarians representing Ghazni province on Wednesday warned the central government about the deteriorating security condition, adding the province is in danger of falling to Taliban insurgent group.

Following a large-scale attack over Farah province in the west, the insurgents have launched major attacks over Jaghatu, Andar, Ajristan, Nawa, Qarabagh and Zankhan districts of Ghazni province.

In addition, the group has increased their insurgency in Qalay Qazi, Isfandai, Rauza Khushk, Qarabaghi and Mangur area of the capital City of the province.

“Local officials negligence have increased insecurities. We are seriously calling on the government to take concrete steps against the enemies for the welfare of the people. We urge government to take punish or remove incompetent officials,” said MP Abdul Qayoum Sajadi at a gathering of the representatives.

“Ghazni situation is concerning. The insurgents have increased their activities close to the city. If government fails to take action, the province will fall to the Taliban hand,” MP Shah Gul Rezaee added.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers blamed security officials for giving incorrect reports to the presidential palace.

“Officials are taking the country to a new crisis. The minister of interior, the minister of defense and head of intelligence agency provide incorrect reports to President Ashraf Ghani,” MP Allah Gul Mujahid said.

“President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah are responsible for the killings, crimes, discriminations and ethnic bias in the country,” MP Abdul Sattar Darzabi criticized.

By Hesamuddin Hesam

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