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MPs Want President to Introduce Rest of the Nominees For Cabinet

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)

A number of the members at the lower house of the parliament have demanded the President Ghani to end promise breaking process and introduce the rest of the nominees to complete the cabinet members before leaving Afghanistan for USA.


They have warned the continuation of the working periods for the acting Ministers is against the law if the new nominees don’t be introduced soon Afghanistan will experience new crisis.

17 nominees are to complete the Afghan National Unity Government cabinet.

Lower house speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said,” continuation on working period of the acting Ministers is against the law and unfair, if this situation lasts it will cause new crisis for Afghans its needed that the President to take an action before leaving Afghanistan for USA.”

Mps have also declared that insecurity closely related to this issue and having no significant actions will send Afghanistan into a new disaster.


Lower house of the parliament Nadirsha Bahir said,” New Ministers and Acting Minister don’t have the authorities this condition will shift Afghanistan into new phase of risks.”

The other Mp Mohammad Ali Akhlaqi said,” having no new Ministers and Governors have caused bad conditions we need to exert pressures on President to take actions as soon as he can.”

It has been 6 months from the age of the National Unity Government officials have been capable to have one third part of the new cabinet members.

Afghan experts believed that this condition will change the ways of assisting coming from the international community towards Afghanistan.

Reported By Fawad Nasiri

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