MPs urge NUG to introduce remained cabinet ministers, appoint provincial governors immediately

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)


Afghan MPs warn The President and CE of Afghanistan National Unity Government to announce the remained 17 cabinet members immediately after MPs returned from vacations.

Rayhana Azad, a member of Afghan Parliament said,” the current situation is worrying us, because currently we are facing with problems both economically and politically, the new nominees must be introduced as soon as possible, so they take care of important issues going on in Afghanistan”.

Lawmakers further worry about acting ministers managing seventeen ministries at the moment saying, if the NUG leaders fail to introduce the cabinet member after MPs returned from vacations, the unity government leaders will be trialed politically.

Abdul Qader Zazai, a member of the House of Representatives said,” I hope the President responsibly introduce both ministers and provincial governors, unless otherwise; he must respond to any trouble created”.

Abdul Hafeez Mansour another MP seriously warning the government saying,” If they continue to delay announcement of cabinet ministers, the House will trial the President politically to respond to the commitments he has made”.

Six months have passed since the NUG has been formed, but the elusive cabinet still looks to be weeks away, though both unity-leaders have promised to introduce the ministers immediately after the MPs returned from winter vacations.

Reported by: Waheed Nawisa

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