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MPs: Turning towards India for military assistance an essential need

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2015)


A number of Members of Parliament on Monday said that Afghanistan’s demand for military assistance from India is an important need and the government should have effective talks with India regarding the issue.

Pointing to National Security Adviser’s trip to India, representatives of Parliament declared that Afghan forces should be more equipped.

In order to help fight growing Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani, has turned towards India for military assistance.

Afghanistan is poised to acquire four attack helicopters from India. National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar is due in New Delhi this weekend to finalise the transfer of the Russian-made Mi-25 helicopters.

The acquisition is a small but significant deal marking a shift in Kabul’s search for allies that’s likely to anger Pakistan.

“Previously, the former government including ex-president Hamid Karzai had many meetings with Indian officials but these meetings must not just be for pressuring on Pakistan. The meetings should have results and be effective for counter-insurgency,” Zakaria Suda, representative of Badakhshan said.

Meanwhile, Afghan political analysts emphasized that Afghan forces have not been equipped by the international community as they should be.

“Any country which tries to help Afghanistan should assist advanced equipments to Afghan forces, particularly helicopters that they can effectively use them,” Arefullah Pashtun, political analyst said.

Though this supply of assault helicopters will be India’s first offensive weapon export since New Delhi signed a strategic partnership with Kabul in 2011, the deal doesn’t offer something new to home suppliers. Make in India is no longer in the picture, because the induction of Mi-25 choppers is directly inclined towards Russian suppliers. However, the deal will help New Delhi to gain stronger regional relationship.

India is among countries which assisted Afghanistan in several parts and the country is committed to continue its aids in long-terms, especially in combat against terrorism.


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