MPs to expel Huma Sultani out of Parliament

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2016)


Afghanistan administrative delegation in lower house of the parliament pushing their efforts through to expel Human Sultani representative of Ghazni province from the lower house of the parliament for what she had commented on her Facebook page admiring killing of media staffs in Kabul.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Interior affairs urged that we are waiting to have an order from the upper channel to detain her.

Second deputy of the lower house Mohammad Nazeer Ahmadzai said,” we are waiting to receive an order from the court, then we will put the decision into voting process, after the voting we will decide for her destination.”

Officials in ministry of Interior affairs have declared the Huma Sultani statement against the bloody terrorist attack which took the life 7 media staffs and injured dozens unacceptable, insisting she needs to be trailed according to the existed laws.”

Deputy of the lawyer union Subhanullah Musbah said,” since the lower house members are on their winter vacation and if a Mp does commit a crime she/he should be trailed after having the lower house administration official’s permission.”

Huma Sultani had justified justice against those whom were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul,Huma had also claimed the Mullah Omar the former Taliban leader was living in her house,the decision on detaining of Huma comes after that Malalay Juya the other Mp from Farah Province had faced the same situation and was expelled out the parliament for good.

Reported by Nasrat Parsa

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