MPs summon security officials on increase of insecurity

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2016)



Members of the lower house of the parliament have summoned top security officials to provide more details on increasing of insecurity in Northern provinces of Afghanistan on Saturday.

Minister of interior Affairs Noorulhaq ulomi said,” Terrorists have come from neighboring country and trying to change the Northern provinces of Afghanistan into a save heavens for themselves.”

Meanwhile Acting Defense Minister Masoum Stanikzai insisted on the needs of Afghan security forces combating terrorism in the country.

However a number of Afghan law makers have demanded the Afghan security department heads to change the war policy against terrorism.

Mp Fawzia Kofi said,” the war strategy should be changed, insecurity expanded even within Badakhshan Province, this will affect other provinces.”

Helmand representative Abdul Hai Akhundzada said,” Sanging district is controlled by Taliban,it affected Marja and Khanshin districts.”

Acting Defense Minister Stanikzai urged that Afghan security forces do need air supports,and we will invest 2,5 $ billion on the aspect.”

Acting National security directorate NDS Masoud Andarabi said,” Taliban are trying to kill Afghans,they have contacted some of the countries to fund terrorism.”

Plans come from Afghanistan security departments inst acceptable for parliament members therefore they should change into better war policy head of the lower house of the parliament Abdul Rouf Ibrahimi.

Expanding terrorism in Afghanistan has provoked some of the concerns of Russia Government.

Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi


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