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MPs React to Atta Noor’s Dismissal

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2017)

Members of the Lower House of parliament harshly reacted on Wednesday after President Ashraf Ghani fired Atta Mohammad Noor from his position as Balkh governor.

“The National Unity Government is a coalition government and Ustad Atta is one part of this coalition. Why he was dismissed? Did he make any crime? Did he commit a national treason? Those who claim he has embezzled? Can they prove this?,” Abdul Rauf Inamee, a member of parliament representing Badakhshan province questioned.

Another lawmaker, Sayed Ali Kazemi, asked the government to pay more attention as they are making decisions about dismissal of governors to avoid a gap.

“If a small mistake take place, there is no doubt that the enemy will benefit a lot. Today, you know that Afghanistan’s foreigner enemies and circles inside the country are plotting to take Afghanistan into a worse situation,” Kazemi said.

At the same time, some parliamentarians called Noor’s dismissal a normal move in the governance process, urging him to avoid any confrontation with the central government.

“I’m asking the governor of Balkh to leave his post quietly and patiently to someone else from Mazar or Jamiat party,” MP Naseema Niazi, representing Helmand province said.

This comes as the powerful governor of Balkh has rejected his resignation, vowing to fight his ouster.

Jamiat-e-Islami party, one of Afghanistan’s main political party, on Tuesday announced its support for Noor and called on President Ghani to review his illegitimate decision.

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