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MPs physical clashes over dual citizenship candidates

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2015)

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Wolesi Jirga – The Lower House of Parliament on Saturday session asked the Nominated ministers for finance, water and energy and nominated head of Afghanistan Central Bank to present their programs.

Khalil Sediq, candidate for Afghanistan Central Bank could not present his future work plans due to verbal and physical clashes between two female members of Wolesi Jirga on his dual citizenship issue.

Shekiba Hashimi, a member of Afghan Parliament said,” We strongly support the House bill and we do not vote for nominees with dual citizenships”.

After the physical clashes Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi, Speaker of the House asked Mr. Khalil to leave the House till further decision which is going to be made by the House and asked to stop live session.

Eklil Hakimi, nominated minister for ministry of finance and Abdul Rahman Salahi, candidate for ministry of water & energy described their programs in details and vowed to eradicate the current abnormalities if they are being trusted.

Wolesi Jirga members believe that a number of MPs are struggling to change the House bill in order to vote for candidates with dual citizenship and violate the law being approved by the House already.


Reported By: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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