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MPs Meet Behind Closed Doors Following Clash with Special Forces

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2019)

A clash between Afghan parliamentarians and police forces last night sparked mixed reactions among lawmakers in the parliament on Saturday.

Apparently, police have stopped and searched a group of lawmakers in PD9 of the capital Kabul on Friday night for having black tinted vehicles, unregistered weapons and unidentified vehicle number palates.

Following the incident, lawmakers have organized an emergency meeting, with the Minister of Interior Masoud Andarabi remaining at the parliament until midnight to resolve the issue.

Later on, Ariana News obtained voices of some MPs who are calling Deputy Interior Minister for Security General Khoshal Sadat as “the Film Hero”, adding he should be summoned to the parliament since Minister Andarabi is not enough.

In addition, lawmakers held a general session behind closed doors on Saturday where they demanded the resignation of General Sadat.

“Lawmakers want full immunity when it comes to the rule of law. They want to be above the law while they have immunity when it comes to making opinions or voting. When it comes to crimes such as theft, betrayal, land-grabbing or unregistered vehicles they have a responsibility like ordinary citizens,” said Ramazan Bashardost, an MP from the capital Kabul.

However, some MPs claimed that the incident was politically motivated.

“I told them that brothers my vehicle has a registration card from parliament and I showed them my identity card but they collected our IDs and weapons,” said Narender Singh Khalsa, an MP representing Sikh and Hindu community in Afghanistan.

Mr. Khalsa further claimed the police forces harassed them by force and attacked Mariam Sulimankhail, a female lawmaker.

“Police special forces are trying to change the narrative and weaken the legal position of the parliament. They want to portray MPs as bullies,” said Gul Rahman Hamdard, an MP from northern Balkh province.

However, an official in the interior ministry said that the incident is under investigation and the rule of law will be implemented equally.

“The law enforcement and public security is the main responsibility of police. Last night incident between police and lawmakers is under serious investigations,” said Nasrat Rahimi, the Interior Ministry Spokesman.

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