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Mps in Lower House deeply Concern On Insecurity

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2014)


Members of the lower house of the parliament have expressed their deep concerns over the ongoing insecurity within the country saying Afghan security forces aren’t capable to ensure security properly for the entire country, they are insisting on the mutual security agreement to be signed in between Kabul and Washington asking the National Unity Government officials to sign the agreement and to pave more ways for establishing of good Government.

One of the Mps named Nilofar Ibrahimi has demanded the Afghan security officials and the new presidential who clearly have the situation information should adopt serious and important measurements to ensure security for the country and sign the mutual security agreement as soon as both sides can.”

Members of the lower house by declaring their supports for the new Government have demanded the officials to perform their duties honestly away from ethnic issues.

Farkhunda Zarah Nadiri member of the lower house has also declared some of the principles for the new Government to strengthen the security safety and the political stability for the entire country.

All the insecurity concerns comes after the new president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai to swear in coming Monday and the mutual security agreement in between Kabul and Washington on Tuesday.


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