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Mps held internal Election for picking Administrative Staffs

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2015)


Members of the parliament at lower house during an election have selected their administrative staffs for coming 5 years.

In the internal election Zahir Qadeer received first deputy position and Urfanullah Urfan succeeded into secretary position but Mps couldn’t pick the second deputy and second secretary.

Head of the house Abdul Rauof Ibrahimi said,” Sideq Usmani received 118 votes and succeeded into the first deputy of the house.”

Sayed Mustafa Kazimi and Saleh Mohammad Saljoqi have run for second deputy position of the house both Mps couldnot gain 50+1 votes to succeed in the position.

But for the second secretary position different Mps went to run to occupy the position Sayed Ikram, Abdul Rouf Anami, Abdul Qadir Qalatwal, Hila Arshad all of the Mps couldn’t get 50+1 votes to succeed.

Head of the house AbdulRaouf Ibrahimi announced that internal election went to its second round and postponed it for coming Monday.

Reported By Abdul Aziz Karimi

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