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MPs harshly Reacted to Gov’t Failure in Providing Security

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2018)

A number of Parliament Members at the Lower House have criticized the government’s failure in providing the security of the country.

“The government has no will to provide security. We should not blame the security ministries because they have no authorities. They are just as symbols in the ministries,” Makhdom Abdullah Muhammadi, a PM said.

The representative of Daikundi, Nasrullah Sadiqi Zada Nile declared that the government always condemns the security incidents, instead of taking measures in providing the security.

“The government that cannot provide the security of people does not have any legitimacy,” he said.

In the meantime, a number of other lawmakers considered the activities of Daesh group ambiguous and complex in the country.

“The Daesh group takes responsibility for the terrorist incidents every time from different addresses. The government is not trying to find the addresses. It should explain the presence and activities of Daesh to people,” Shah Gul Rezaie, representative of Ghazni asserted.

The representative of Kandahar, Hazrat Ali claimed that Daesh group has four branches in Kabul.

“I with certainty say that Daesh has four branches in Kabul and its members are commuting from Kabul to Nangarhar. The issue should be seriously investigated,” Hazrat Ali added.

The chairman of Lower House, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi called the press and freedom of speech as the biggest achievement of the country, saying “the government, particularly the security forces are responsible to prevent terrorist attacks. The security officials will be summoned to the house next week.”

Afghan lawmakers noted the enemies of Afghanistan have many plans to insecure the country and new war solutions should be find out for thwarting their plans.

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