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MPs Harshly Criticize Ghani’s Remarks on Recruitment Process

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Wednesday harshly attacked President Ashraf Ghani for asking them to refrain from interventions in recruitment process in the ministries.

Parliamentarians argued that it is their duty to oversight the government performance and solve the problems of their clients.

“President [Ghani] has abused Afghanistan’s budget for individuals in nine cases. He is the source of corruption. Annually, the president is wasting two billion Afghanis and this is confirmed by the Supreme Audit Office,” claimed Shekiba Hashimi, MP representing southern Kandahar province in the lower house of the Parliament.

“Absolutely, the President understands that one of the most important responsibility of an MP is to rise the problems and concerns of their clients to the government,” said Mohammad Ali Akhlaqi, a representative from Ghazni province.

“If my client is qualified to become a general and he is the son of this country, it is his right. Who are you? You think the one you like or the one who fill the ballot boxes for you is the right person?” questioned Zahir Qadir, lawmaker representing eastern Nangarhar province.

In addition, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, Speaker of the House said their authority was “not gifted” by someone to them, added that it is defined in the law.

This comes a day after President Ghani warned MPs not to visit the ministries for appointment of their relatives and emphasized if this happens, names and videos of those parliamentarians will be aired by the media.

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