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MPs: Documents Reveal Budgetary Issues in Current Fiscal Year

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)

wolesi-jirga-afghanistan-1422435208Documents reveals that most of the Afghan ministries have budgetary issues in the current year with most of them have already been dismissed by Afghan parliament for poor performance and budgetary issues for the last fiscal year.

Last week the Afghan parliament dismissed six ministers in an unprecedented action for poor performance, but President Ashraf Ghani ordered all sacked ministers to stay on their jobs until a verdict is being issued by the country’s Supreme Court.

Now a number of Afghan lawmakers insists that based on the reports there are a number of ministries which have spend less than 30 percent of their development budgets for the current year.

“We have reviewed the reports of four ministers in the commission. The documents reveal a number of ministries have not spent their budgets yet,” Afghan parliament religious, cultural and higher education commission member Razia Mangal said.

Another member of Afghan parliament Ghulam Farooq Majroh representing Herat province in west of Afghanistan said,” the reports we have received shows that the government have failed to spend at least sixty percent of its budget in the year 1395 and we will have our decision in this regard”.

Some lawmakers accusing the President for monopolizing the power, insist that in a democratic system the President must not undermine the authorities of all legal institutions.

“In a democratic system, all decisions cannot be taken only by the President, but unfortunately our President is interfering in all affairs,” MP Naheed Fareed said,” this is a dictatorship government.”

Abdul Rahman Rahmani, MP from northern Balkh province added,” the dismissed ministers must be prosecuted for any corrupt recruitment”.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqi

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