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MPs Criticize Gov’t Institutions over Failure to Implement Development Projects

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2018)

Afghan lawmakers on Monday criticized the government institutions over failure to spend their budget for implementing the development projects in the country.

The members of parliament on Monday summoned the Minister of Agriculture Nasir Ahmad Durrani over failure to implement the development projects and Head of Central Bank Khalil Sediq regarding increase in the value of US dollar against Afghani.

“Why Afghan currency has lost its value? How we can sustain it? and why the development projects of the ministries have not been implemented in the country?” questioned MP Nayeem lalai Hamidzai.

The Speaker of parliament Abdul Rahuf Ibrahimi, meanwhile, called on the government’s budgetary institutions to make efforts in spending their development budget.

“The issue of development projects is serious and it’s the responsibility of budgetary institutions to implement their projects,” Ibrahimi said.

The Minister of Agriculture Durrani said that their current budget cannot meet their needs and that it should be increased.

“The budget of the Ministry of Agriculture should be increased. Agriculture is the backbone of the country,” he said. “Despite, 111 thousand tonnes of wheat have been distributed to people in drought-affected areas, but $1 billion is required for providing forages to animals in one year.”

The Head of Central Bank Sediq, meanwhile, said that the economic growth has been less and it causes the value of USD to get raised.

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