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MPs Criticize Government’s Performance Against Future of Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017)

Afghan representatives at the Lower House of Parliament criticized the poor performance of government against the future and fate of the country.

They declared that the National Unity Government (NUG) has not fulfilled its responsibilities for solving the challenges and is seeking conspiracies against a number of political parties.

“We do not accept any pressure of government. The government should stop illegal actions; otherwise people will stand against it,” said Muhammad Naeem Lalay Ahmad Zai, representative of Kandahar.

“All of the problems are organizing inside the Presidential Palace and there are some individuals who are attempting to create crisis inside the country,” said Hazrat Ali, representative of Nangarhar.

In the meantime, the second deputy speaker of parliament, Muhammad Nazir Ahmad Zai called on the government to introduce the new candidates to the Lower House and end the acting ministers’ responsibilities.

“The government should introduce the four ministerial nominees and members of the Supreme Court and solve this challenge,” Ahmad Zai said.
Afghan people have expected new changes since the formation of the National Unity Government, but more than three years passed and people are more concerned about their futures.

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