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MPs concern over gov’t failure in peace process

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2016)

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A number of Parliament members considered the National Unity Government (NUG) fails in peace process with the armed oppositions of the government and NUG has a week strategy in the peace process.

While the quartet meeting between Afghanistan, China, US and Pakistan finalized roadmap for direct negotiations with the armed opposition groups, parliament representatives consider a failed peace process.

“The peace process has been failed and the government has also a week strategy for this process,” said Ghulam Sarwar Osmani Farahi, representative of Farah.

“Peace has become a mystery for the Afghan people. No one are aware of the peace process results,” said Fakuri Beheshti, representative of Bamyan.

Meanwhile, Parliament members have also voiced concern over the current security situation in the country; citing some districts are to fall to Taliban.

“Where are the United States, China and Pakistan that said we stand against those who do not want peace? They even do not speak of anything. Why these claimers are silent?” said Abaidullah Barikzai, representative of Urozgan.

The four-nation meeting on February 23 decided to hold direct Peace Talks with the armed oppsition groups in March in Islamabad.

But Taliban says that they would not join the peace process until their conditions not accepted.

Previously, the armed Taliban group has announced conditions for entering in peace talks with the Afghan government.

The conditions are recognition of Taliban’s political office in Qatar, exclusion of Taliban leaders from the UN blacklist, release of Taliban prisoners, cessation of “poisoning propaganda” against the Taliban are among the conditions set by the group for resumption of peace negotiations and withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has already warned the nation to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Without a direct reference to the Taliban announcement, President Ghani said it was his government’s responsibility to be “prepared for the worst situation and hope for the best result.”

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