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Mps approve higher military education law

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2016)


The members of the lower house of the parliament have approved the law for higher military education with majority of votes castes on Monday, as the following law hasn’t been approved due to lack of quorum of Mps in the past.

Second deputy of the house Nimatullah Ghafari said,” the following law in six chapters and 54 articles has been approved.”

Afghan lawmakers have also urged that they will soon approve the law for the function, power of the Electoral commission.

Lower house speaker AbdulRauf Ibrahimi said,” We have received the legislative decree of the President, a joint session will be held next Sunday to determine the destination of the following act.”

“ Tuesday is determined to hold sessions over laws, our demand is to finalize the law for functions and power of the Electoral commission Mp Qalatwal said.”

“Multiple sessions has been held over the law on reformation of the Election commissions, adjustment has also been done, hopes are underway to see the following law finalized Mp Zakaria Sawda said,”

The following law has been rejected twice due to lack of the quorum within the lower house of the parliament.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee




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