Mp Warns World Countries Should seek Safe Shelters if Leave Afghanistan in War on Terror flames

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2015)

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The first deputy of the lower house of the parliament Mohammad Alam Izadyar has stated that if the International community do not continue to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and leave the country in war on terror they should seek shelters in Washington, London and Paris.

In order to root up terrorism from the country and region the international community should exert pressures on supportive countries of war on terror Izadyar has added in the ceremony independent defense Month held in one of the training centers  for Afghan National Army ANA.

He also requested to add one day under the title Nation Supports on Afghan security forces in Afghanistan calendar.

Speakers in the ceremony have insisted that having Nation supports on Afghan security forces will pave the ways for more peace and stability not only in Afghanistan but also world countries will enjoy peace and tranquility.

Speakers have believed that World security and safety is directly related to the ongoing condition of Afghanistan, international community should exert pressures on the countries supporting War on Terror in Afghanistan to ensure security not only in Afghanistan but also in the region and the world.

Baseless effort which hasn’t given good results in the past 13 years

Meanwhile one the Officials in Afghanistan Ministry of Defense Gen, Homayoon Fawzi has said, “so far the withdraw of 130 thousand International forces from Afghanistan didn’t cause any challenges for the Afghan security forces but still raise their moral .”

Afghanistan security forces have met the determined quantity and number and after January first 2015 Afghan security forces have taken over the security responsibility by their own, a force which has been built by the International community supports and help, there are still hopes to meet the quality soon by receiving trainings, supports and assistance.

Reported by : Wahid Nowisa

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