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Wolesi Jirga Summons Minister of Public Works

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2014)


Lower house of the parliament has summoned the Minister of Public Works for serious damages of the constructed roads in the country.
There have been different reasons for summoning the Minister of public incomes poor quality of the road constructions, slow motion of working process within the projects.
A number of the MPs have claimed that due to corruption on the road construction projects roads ended to be constructed poor and out of quality and doesn’t last long one.
Abass Ibrahimzada has said,” all the constructed roads within the country didn’t last long even for one year as an example the road for Pulikhumri which is a high way connects Kabul to Northern Provinces has been constructed and after some months its being destroyed day by day.”
As we have travelled to Northern provinces of the country we have seen the poor performances of the Ministry of public incomes which the roads were badly damaged after the construction process didn’t end yet criticized Fawzia Kofi the MP.
The Minister of public works Najibullah Ozhan has entitled the following major challenges have caused the roads not to stay in good shape Political disabilities, Election challenges, Insecurity.
He also confirmed the existed challenges within his Ministry blaming the contractors for not doing their jobs on the determined time and date and there is huge corruption also exists we have been capable to stop sixty corrupted projects so far.
Its said that the Election challenges has not only impacted on the Governmental working process but also over the economy of the Afghans at the entire country they have claimed that Election has been boring process for every single Afghans and demanded the Government and International community to end this disaster.

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