MoWA Deeply Concerns Over Women’s Weak Presence in Government Institutions

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2017)


Afghan Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) has voiced concern over the weak presence of Afghan women in government institutions.

“We have valid and essential documents that is based on the needs of women, but when we send them to the ministries, they were just put into the cupboards,” said Spozhmay Wardak, deputy of MoWA.

The recent research by the USAID and MoWA shows that persecution of women, low level of education, early marriage and lack of safety in the workplace are the main challenges and reasons that women avoid to work in government institutions.

In the meantime, USAID and government institutions are trying to provide safe working environment and increase of support from women.

A number of lawmakers considered the situation of Afghan women in government institutions unacceptable.

“We accepted that lack of education is an obstacle for presence of women in government institutions until five years ago, but now we do not accept it. Considering the private universities, educational institutes there should not be any obstacle for this issue,” said Fawzia Koofi, member of parliament.

Afghan women urge government to provide more working conditions in higher government institutions that they can defend from women’s rights.


Reported by Samira Zafari

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