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MoUDA signs 2 MoUs with Prince Sheikh Ali in Kabul

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Urban Development Affairs have signed two memorandums of Understandings with Prince Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah on constructing of residential apartments, Agriculture sections, where 20 $ million of the aid will be spent on Agriculture sector and 40 $ million is specialized for construction of residential apartments for martyred families and the 80 $ million is to be used to build residential blocks in the capital city of Kabul.

The memorandum of understandings was signed in between Kabul and Doha officials for investing on construction of residential palaces and hospitality in Afghanistan.

Minister of Urban Development Affairs Sayed Saadat Monsuor Nadiri said,” the following memorandum of understandings has been signed on investing in residential buildings where 40 $ million of the aids is grant aid for building residential apartments for martyred families.”

“Efforts have been made to draw International aids in order to boost the economy, build apartments, encourage International investors to invest in Afghanistan and to reduce the level of concerns over having no shelters Minister of Urban development Affairs Mr. Nadiri said.”

Head of Ghorafa Charity Foundation Prince Sheikh Ali said, “we invest 100 $ million on reconstruction of residential apartments, creating Business markets, Hotels in Afghanistan.”

Earlier the following charity foundation has helped Afghanistan on building madrasa, Mosque, and charity construction.

Reported by Ali Asghari

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