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MoU Against Afghanistan National Interests: Senators

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2015)


Senators in the upper house of the parliament have declared signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in between Afghanistan National Security Directorate (NDS) and Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is against the Afghanistan’s National Interests, based on the MoU both countries to begin joint combat efforts against terrorism in Afghanistan-Pakistan.

Head of the upper house of the parliament Fazil Hadi Mulsimyar said,” Pakistan ISI plays tricks with Afghanistan Government, they are the main killers of Afghans, on the other side of the case, Pakistan officials come to end to sign MoU with Afghanistan on security sector, this has been the previous plan of Pakistan, Enemy never turns out to be Friend ,they only have Taliban’s flag color to be changed from White into Black.”

Members of the upper house have called the following MoU at the expense of Afghanistan.

First deputy of the house Mohammad Alam Izadyar said,” the National Unity Government should review its decision on the aspect,expressing fears after sharing the intelligence information the condition of Afghanistan doesn’t get worst than this.”

The other senator in the house Nisar Haris said,” ISI interfering Afghanistan security affairs,they are pursuing long term strategy into Afghanistan, they have been the one who broke our National Army Forces into pieces,by signing the following MoU Afghanistan picked the worn direction.”

Upper house of the parliament by considering the current insecurity condition has tasked the internal Defense and International relationship committees to demand more details from the Afghanistan security officials.

He has also tasked the Defense Affairs and International relationship committees in the house to pursue more details on the aspect from the Afghan Security officials.

Reported by AbdulAziz Karimi

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