Most Parts of Ghazni Collapsed to Taliban, Claim Residents

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

The displaced residents of Ghazni province who arrived in Kabul today claim that the major parts of the province have been collapsed to Taliban, except the governor’s office and provincial directorate of security.

“They are lying. Security forces failed to stand against them (Taliban). Taliban are making progress,”  Shafi, one of the Ghazni displaced residents told Ariananews.

However, the government and security officials reject the claims and say the control of all strategic parts including the civilian and security institutions are under the full control of the Afghan security forces.

“We were on standby, nothing has happened yet. Most of the parts are under our control and security forces defend their people until the last drop of blood,” the National Army Chief of Staff General Sharif Yaftali asserted.

The inhabitants of Ghazni have many painful stories in mind as the mass killing of civilians that their corpses are still remain on the ground.

“There is no one to pick up the dead bodies of people. The casualties are too high from both Taliban and the government,” Noor Muhammad, another displaced said.

Azizullah also added, “They have killed our livestocks, damaged houses and destroyed all things we had.”

The army chief of staff did not give details on casualties during his press conference in Kabul, but a Ghazni hospital official claims that more than 100 police officers and soldiers have been killed, along with 142 wounded, most of them in uniform.

This comes as clashes are ongoing and entered its third day between the Taliban fighters and Afghan security forces as Taliban insurgents were hiding out in civilian homes.

The attack on Ghazni, a strategic city on the main highway linking Kabul with Afghanistan’s south, was the most serious blow to the government since the insurgents came close to overrunning the western city of Farah in May.

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