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Mosque Attack: IS Cannot Foment ‘Sectarian Divisions’ in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2017 6:59 pm)

Afghan top officials say Islamic State (IS) or Daesh militant group cannot foment sectarian divisions by targeting shi’ite mosques in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, at least five people were killed including a tribal elder, Ramazan Hussain Zada and 10 more were injured in suicide attack on Al-Zahra mosque in capital Kabul.

The Deputy Minister of Interior, Murad Ali Murad said that they were aware of the threat but “it was not known which mosque and when it is going to be attacked.”

IS claimed responsibility for the attack as the group targeted shia rituals on number of occasion in the past.

The government officials said such kind of attacks cannot create sectarian schism in the country.

“Daesh have attacked Hazaras and shia rituals in the past as well, but people have been united even further, shia and sunni are brothers and equal,” said Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy of Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

The Presidential Palace also condemned the attack in a statement. It said Afghan people will stand alongside each other and such kind of attacks could not harm Afghan unity.

Following the attack, President Ashraf Ghani also offered condolences to Mohaqiq, Vice President Sarwar Danish and head of High Peace Council, Karim Khalili in a telephone call. 

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