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Moscow Talks’ Declaration Has No ‘Executive’ Outcome: ARG

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2019)

The Afghan government which was not part of the two-day talks between the Taliban and Afghan oppositions in Moscow said on Thursday that the joint declaration – issued by the delegates at the end of the meeting – has no “executive” outcome.

The delegates on Wednesday issued a joint declaration in which they outlined a nine-point approach to promote intra-Afghan dialogue aimed at reaching a political settlement in Afghanistan.

However, in reaction President Ghani’s Spokesman wrote in a tweet: “The meeting of some Afghan politicians with the Taliban which was held in Moscow at the invitation of the Russian Federation, was not about peace talks but a political and academic debate on peace and a statement issued at the end of this meeting is the summary of the two-day talks and has not executive outcome on peace [process].”

 The joint declaration of Moscow Talks read that ensuring lasting peace, protecting the national sovereignty and promoting social justice, paving ground for complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the country, maintaining national unity, ensuring the principles of Islamic and its national values, preventing the occurrence of dark events of the recent decades in the country and mutual respect and understanding among Afghans were the among issues as the delegates have agreed upon in the meeting.  

Establishment of an official political office for the Taliban  in Qatar, removal of some Taliban leaders from the UN blacklist,  providing assurance to the international community that Afghanistan will not be used against any other nations, protection of educational, political, economic and social rights of women and freedom of speech in accordance with the Islamic principles, protection of political and social rights of the entire people of Afghanistan in line with Islamic principles were the other important points which were outlined in the declaration.

According to the declaration, the delegates unanimously agreed to hold the next round of talks in Doha, the capital of Qatar in the near future.

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