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Moscow Security Conference on Afghanistan to be Held By Tomorrow

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2017)

Moscow-1_tcm277-2369440Russia hosts an apparently important regional security conference on Afghanistan tomorrow, to address growing security challenges in the country.

The meeting would host various neighboring countries, including, Pakistan, India, and Iran.

Afghanistan would also participate in the conference with the hope the countries like Pakistan and recently Russia, should distinguish among bad and good terrorists.

“We have reviewed the problems face Afghanistan. We look forward of U.S. to participate in the meeting.” Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign secretary told the press.

Afghanistan hopes the participants of the summit may announce the governments should stop supporting Afghan anti-government armed militias.

The cooperation must be inter-state and the participants must send a clear massage against the insurgent groups.

“No terrorist groups favor the interests of any country. Therefore, the countries should practically act against the strongholds of the insurgents.” Shekib Mustaghni, MOFA spokesperson said.

While Moscow conference on Afghanistan is deemed to find a solution for the current conflicts in the country, but experts believe unless U.S-Russia may reach to an agreement on Afghanistan, battle would not end any time soon.

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