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MRRD to Resume 3rd Part of National Employment Plan for Peace: Official

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2016)

5Officials in Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development MoRRD have said the implementation of the 3rd part of the National employment plan for peace contains the reconstruction of the 7000 development projects which will be implemented at 19 provinces of Afghanistan which will further create 295000 short term jobs opportunity for the residents.

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Spokesman Akbar Rustami said,” More than 295000 short term jobs opportunities will be created once the 7000 development projects to be reconstructed.”

Further he added that the reconstruction of the development projects will not only provide jobs opportunity for the unskilled persons but also for the graduated person from the Universities, elites and Engineers.

“ The reconstruction of the projects will be implemented in 77 districts, 6279 villages and at 19 provinces of Afghanistan which the total cost of the projects is estimated about 2765 million Afghani Mr. Rustami said.”

While implementing the first and second phase of the National employment plans for peace it cost $ 42 million in 15 provinces of Afghanistan, so far 4500 development projects were reconstructed which had created 235000 short term jobs opportunities for the villages.

Reported by Naseer Ahmad Dastagirzada

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