More than 30,000 People Displaced From Kunduz to Takhar

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2016)

18427989_303Thousands forced to flee Kundoz after fighting intensified between Afghan forces and Taliban


More than 30,000 people displaced from the Kunduz province to Takhar province after a days of fight against the insurgents and government forces, officials said.

Officials noted that some of the displaced persons are not in a good condition which at least 100 injured and 2700 patiens were transferred from Kunduz to many hospitals of Takhar province.

According to the health officials in Takhar, one of the bad consequences of the Kunduz war was the death of 15 children in their mothers’ womb.

Residents of Afghanistan’s Kunduz city want government’s help to end the war and ensure their safety as they are living in a bad situation.

When the Taliban’s attack on central parts of Kunduz began before dawn on Monday, the doctors and nurses at the northern Afghan city’s only government hospital knew they were going to be needed, according to the New York Times.

But they were also aware of the risk. Exactly a year ago, after the insurgents last overran the city, many doctors and nurses just like them were killed when American warplanes mistakenly bombed the city’s other hospital, run by Doctors Without Borders.

Earlier, the Afghan government and Taliban forces should urgently facilitate swift and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief into Kunduz, where thousands of civilians are trapped in increasingly dire conditions, Amnesty International said.

The organization has interviewed medical workers and civilians stuck in Kunduz amid fighting after the Taliban launched an assault on 3 October.

Kunduz residents have described grim scenes as food and water supplies have been exhausted and electricity was cut. The city’s civilian hospital has run out of medical supplies and sustained rocket and gunfire attacks on 5 October.

Seven days later, Kunduz is still an urban war zone, with the United Nations expressing concern about the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation there. Fighting in residential areas has forced at least 10,000 people to flee, according to the United Nations.

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